Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Check out the new restaurant of IKEA

A few weeks ago the furniture giant IKEA opened its new restaurant in Son, which is a village just outside Eindhoven. In the past it could be the case that you had to wait for an empty table. However, these days you don’t need to worry about that anymore, because the redecorated place is prepared for 752 people. 

                                 An impression of the new restaurant

The old restaurant resembled more or less a living room and the new dinner room rather looks professional, modern and somewhat clinical. Some people say that the cosy atmosphere has been replaced by a rather uninviting and anonymous dinner hall, whereas other clients mention that the redecoration has turned out very well. So as always it’s just a matter of taste. It might be a marketing strategy, but the new restaurant is decorated with a lot of IKEA furniture. So now it is possible to get an impression of the products they sale, during dinner as well. 

But why should you stop by in the first place? Well, if you’re looking for some new furniture it is always a good idea to visit IKEA, because they have relatively cheap but qualitative products. However, their food is also very good and again very affordable. You can already have a tasty supper starting from € 5,50. Moreover, the also serve delicious meals for lunch. Do you want to end your day with a delicious soft ice-cream? You should definitely try because they certainly taste good and they cost less than 50 euro cents. 

IKEA lies just outside Eindhoven, but it is not difficult to get there. You can easily take bus route number 11 at the Central Station in Eindhoven. This bus will take you to the Meubel-square. From there the IKEA is within walking distance. So if you want to have an affordable but delicious meal, you should really visit the new impressive IKEA Restaurant.  

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