Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take your change before the introduction of the Weed Card.

If you live in one of the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands, it has always been quite easy to buy cannabis just across the border. Unfortunately, due to an amendment of the law this is going to change. On the first of March 2012 the ‘weed card’ is going to be introduced starting from the south of Holland, which means that Eindhoven is going to take part in this new rule immediately.

They will introduce this new rule to prevent drug tourism and to monitor the sales of cannabis. However, like many others we think that this measure is only going to increase the illegal sales of cannabis, which means that more drugs are going to be sold illegally on the street. From what we know now it is not going to be possible to obtain a weed card if you’re living outside the Netherlands. Only foreigners who are living or working in the Netherlands are qualified for this card. Furthermore, during the application foreigners should be able to provide a Dutch sofi-number (Social Security Number) and a copy of their contract of hire.

After the introduction of this new rule, people can apply for a weed card in a coffee shop in their neighbourhood. So it will no longer be possible to buy weed outside your district. Moreover, with the new rule people can only buy a maximum of five grams per day. Drug tourism is most likely going to stay and the government will only make it worse by putting a stop on the regular way of selling cannabis. We’re pretty sure that foreigners will still be able to buy cannabis just across the border, but for now it will no longer be in the coffee shops.

However, if you want to buy cannabis the easy way, you should take your change and visit a coffee shop without weed card before it’s too late.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring/Summer events in Eindhoven.

This will be the latest blog of the best of Eindhoven. We want to give you an overview of big events that you can’t miss in the next months!

April 29 – April 30: Queens night and Queens Day:

April 30 is a National Holiday, originally to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. The night before, people from over the whole country come to visit Eindhoven because of the Queens night! A lot of DJ’s and artists will perform in the inner city of Eindhoven on the locations Stadhuisplein, Stationsplein and the Markt.
On Queens day, there are also a lot events. In many cities and villages Queens day is celebrated with a market where everybody can sell whatever they want on the streets. Look for a complete overview of activities in Eindhoven on:

May 25 – May 28: Eindhoven Culinair
Eindhoven Culinair takes place in the Stadswandelpark. During the event you could taste different food, prepared by the regional restaurants. There are is also a lot of entertainment and music.

June 8, 9, 15 and 17: Guus Meeuwis – Concert: Groots met een zachte G
Guus Meeuwis performs in the Philips Stadium every year in June. Guus Meeuwis is a Dutch singer who score several hits in the Netherlands. He wrote for example the songs ‘Het is een nacht’, ‘Per spoor’ and ‘Brabant’. The concerts these year are even more special, because the Netherlands national football team have to play these days in the UEFA Euro 2012. It’s a really great experience even if you don’t like the music.

July 12 – July 15: Eindhoven Ballooning
This is an annual hot air balloon festival in Eindhoven. There is a braderie, a lot of music and a funfair. You could also fly with one of the air balloons yourself! You have to register then. The entrance is for free. Look for more information on:

August 3 – August 12: Park Hilaria
Park Hilaria is one of the biggest festivals in Eindhoven and visited by an average of 600.000 visitors every year. There are more than a hundred attractions, but also food kiosk, live shows, street entertainment and circus acts. Look this video in English which introduces Park Hilaria in Eindhoven.

August 10 – August 12: Folkwoods Festival
Folkwoods is an open air music festival in Eindhoven. The organizers of this festival want to organize a good festival, just like the old days. It is a festival for people who like tuneful music from the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. The Folkwoods Festival takes place in the middle of the woods. The festival has a good reputation among the visitors and artists.

August 24 – August 25: Brabant Open Air
This year for the first time in Eindhoven! Brabant Open Air will transform the square in front of the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven into a festival terrain with a huge stage. Kaiser Chiefs, Racoon, Miss Montreal and They Kyteman Orchestra will perform here!