Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops in Eindhoven

It simply is a fact, Holland is known for its legalization of cannabis. Therefore, many tourists visit the Netherlands to try a coffee shop for themselves. We do not want to stimulate smoking weed in any way, however, if you already have the idea to visit a coffee shop you will find some locations here. 

Coffee shop de Bakkerij
One of the options could be the shop called “De Bakkerij”, which is located at Stratumseind. People, who visited this shop, say that they sell good stuff and that the atmosphere is quite good. An advantage of this location is that others places of entertainment are nearby. At Stratumseind you can visit many clubs, discos and places to eat. 

Coffee Shop Sinbad
Another coffee shop to visit is Sinbad. They offer the perfect ambiance to relax, sit back and enjoy your joint. Besides their products they also offer various leisure activities. You can watch television, play pool, surf the web at their internet corner or drink a soda. Sindbad has a broad variety of products they offer seven to ten sorts of weed and seven to ten sorts of hash of premium quality. Their shop has a nice atmosphere and is fully air-conditioned. A visitor mentioned on the internet that they currently offer 1.5 grams for twelve euros.
For more information visit their website:

The Grasshopper is a trendy laid-back coffee shop in the center of Eindhoven, which has a rather modern interior. The shop has an atmospheric decorated lounge, with a Dolby Surround music installation. Here you’ll be able to relax with a joint and a glass of soda. Furthermore, there is a plasma television screen and an internet corner. They sell the famous “Killing Fields” weed, which will bring a smile to every smoker’s face. People on the internet say that it’s a good shop with good quality weed and the employees are friendly as well. Unfortunately, the shop is currently closed, but most likely it will be opened again on the 13th of April. 

the modern Grasshopper shop
Other coffee shops in Eindhoven are the Pink and Upstairs.  Naturally, there are more coffee shops in Eindhoven. However, the ones described above are the ones with good user reviews. As mentioned The Grasshopper is currently closed, so this is not an option at the moment. However, on forums many smokers recommend visiting Sinbad because of their good quality products and fair prices.  

If you want to buy weed in any coffee shop, make sure that you’re at least eighteen years old and do not forget to bring you identification papers with you.