Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 Swimming experience in Eindhoven - Go and Enjoy

If you have one of those boring days you should really consider going for a swim in Eindhoven. Eindhoven has two large swimming pools. The first one is the “Ir. Ottenbad’ and is located in the north of Eindhoven. When the weather conditions aren’t favorable for swimming outside four inside pools are at your disposal. All four of them are recreational, but there is also a 25 meter pool which is often used for training purposes.  During summertime a large outside pool is also open. The Ir. Ottenbad is a modern accommodation, where various water sports are offered such as aqua jogging, aqua robics, aqua spinning and other swimming activities to keep people fit. Furthermore, various sports clubs use this swimming pool as their base for offering aqua activities. So if you live in or near Eindhoven, you could consider joining a diving or snorkeling club.

The other swimming pool in Eindhoven is ‘The Tongelreep’ also known as ‘National Swimming center the Tongelreep’, which is really worth mentioning.  Probably you didn’t know, but this is the largest swimming center of Europe and cannot be compared with the Ottenbad.  The Tongelreep has a 50 meter pool, a 25 meter pool for platform diving, a training pool with four swimming lanes and a large recreation pool with a wave generator and many water slides. Moreover, during summer you can have a lot of fun outside, because there are four outside pools with four water slides available.  When you visit this swimming center you will be assured of a day full of enjoyment. Like the Ottenbad the Tongelreep is also the home basis for many leisure activities and sports clubs.       

The Turbotol - An exiting water slide
Large 50 meter pool
Recreation pool in The Tongelreep

Some historical facts. The training facilities like the 50 and 25 meter pools are built within a separate building. When Pieter van de Hoogenband – one of Holland’s most talented swimmers – ended his swimming career,  he has been honored by renaming this swimming center to ‘Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium’. Throughout the world this swimming center is of importance. For instance in 2007 the Dutch Open Swim Cup 2007 were held in this swimming facility. Furthermore, in 2008 the European Aquatics Championships took place in this swimming pool.

Pieter van de Hoogenband during training
Without doubt The Tongelreep is far more amusing and entertaining for a day out than the Ir. Ottenbad. So if you’re in Eindhoven and you like swimming and water slides you should really visit this swimming center. It truly is a life time experience. However, if you want to exercise the Ottenbad is also very suitable. It depends on what you’re looking for, but both pools are great for swimming sports. Just make sure to visit at least one when you’re in Eindhoven!

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