Monday, March 19, 2012

Old & New: A Look in the The History of Stratumseind
Part 2

This week we will have a look on the other part of Stratumseind.

The Boston Pub (42) & Cafe de Kram (41)
The left picture was taken in 1950. The left building (The Boston Pub) used to be the Labrehuis, a organization that took care of the homeless in Eindhoven. This homeless shelter had room for 25 people. The right building (Cafe de Kram) with the nice white facade used to be Butchery Peels.

Cafe Repelsteel (23) & Playerz (24)

The Playerz, the right building, has got a lot of negative publicity last months. The Playerz had to close their doors temporally, because one of their bouncers would have been too violent against a visitor. This café was not the only one with this problem, also Café Today and Café Santé had to appear in court because of the same reason
The left picture was taken in 1964. The building of Café Playerz used to be the home of J.J. Keunen. Keunen was one of the owners of tannery Keunen, which was located behind Stratumseind next to the ‘stadsgracht’ (the canal).

The Karaoke Bar (25)

The left picture was taken in 1932. In 1932, this building was the vegetable shop of family Lamers-Van Rooy (1926-1942). In 1950, greengrocer Sanders established his shop here. Nowadays you can sing along with your favorite songs in this Karaoke Bar.

D'n Katelein (26) & Phuong Anh Snackbar (27)

n the right picture you see the Phoung Anh Snackbar with a very little terrace. The hungry partygoers go here to buy a lumpia. Not really special you may think… BUT on this place there used to be the Pom Lai. This was the first Chinese-Indian restaurant in Eindhoven (1950). You have to imagine that in this time, this was one of the only restaurants where you could get ‘strange/foreign food’.  (The left picture was taken in 1968)

Bar 2 Alex (28) & de Bakkerij (30)

On the left picture (1968), this part of stratumseind was a real shopping street. There was a shoe shop, a liquor store, a vegetable specialist and a bakery. Nowadays, you can find here the coffeeshop de Bakkerij (the Bakery). Unfortunately, a lot of buildings are empty in this part of stratumseind.

Flooding of the Dommel in Stratumseind, 1926

Queen Wilhelmina in Eindhoven

Queen Wilhelmina visited Eindhoven in June 1927. On this picture you see a festive parade with Fords in Stratumseind.

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