Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie: ‘Doodslag’

It is really cold! So it’s also a good time to go to a movie. One of the movies in the cinemas right now is ‘Doodslag’. Why is this movie so special? Because, this movie was filmed entirely in Eindhoven. There are scenes on many well-known locations. For example we see the PSV stadion, the parktheater, Strijp S en also the blob on the 18 september square. Besides that it is nice that it takes place in Eindhoven, the movie has also a great story. It’s about a recent theme in the Netherlands: Offensive behavior against social workers.

The story: Max (Theo Maassen) has worked as ambulance driver for twenty years. As a ambulance driver, he often gets in unpleasant situations. One night he gets out of his mind. Max is on his way to a emergency. A mother is giving birth, but her condition and that of the baby are critical. On his way with his colleague in a ambulance with sirens blaring, they are stopped by a group of teenagers. The group starts threatening them.  Following the standard procedure, Max and his colleague have to stay in the ambulance and wait for the police. However, Max, who is extremely concerned about the women and child, gets out of the car and hit one of the boys. He continues his way to the mother and child and save them. But the boy is dead…

It’s a very special movie. It's nice that the moviemakers made use of locations in Eindhoven. Sometimes it is not all realistic, but the movie and the story are really impressive. It has humor and sometimes it is sad, but it certainly makes you think about the theme. It also gives a good view on how the media influences cases like this. The movie is absolutely worth watching, also when you don’t know much about Eindhoven.

Look at the trailer with English subtitles:

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