Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Best of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is also known as the light city. If you Google ‘highlights of Eindhoven’ you will possibly get links about PSV, Philips, the van Abbemuseum and the Evoluon.
But Eindhoven is much more than that!

A well-known slogan of Eindhoven is: “Eindhoven de Gekste!” (translated: Eindhoven the Craziest!). If you visit Eindhoven during Carnaval you will possibly hear this a hunderd times. On this blog we would like to show you
the best of Eindhoven. That could be about anything. For example the fact that Eindhoven is not only the craziest city, but it has also been awarded with the most generous city (2010), the most intelligent city (2011) and the best city centre (2011)! We also want to give you tips about activities, highlights and events. A look in the nightlife on Stratumseind for example can’t be missed in a city trip to Eindhoven.  
Still not convinced that Eindhoven is special? Look at the following events which have taken place just in the last four months:

The international light festival in Eindhoven. Every year in November, Eindhoven is the decor and podium for Glow. During this week the city is decorated by light art, designed by national and international designers. You can follow the walking tour in Eindhoven to see all these light arts on different locations.
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 Next Glow: 10-17 November 2012

Dutch Design Week
One of the biggest design events in the Netherlands. It takes place in Octobre on different locations. The newest ideas and technologies are shown here. Last year, 180.000 people attended the event.
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Next Dutch Design Week: 20-28 October 2012

Marathon Eindhoven

The marathon of Eindhoven is a yearly event. The marathon always takes place in October. During this marathon, Eindhoven is full of celebration.

Next Marathon: October 14th 2012

Concerts Klokgebouw 

 Many great artists (including Marco Borsato and Armin van Buuren) have already performed in the Klokgebouw in Strijp S in Eindhoven and many will come!
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